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Goddess Lynne BODY and SKIN | Facial Treatments

Your favorite skin care professional

Facial Treatments

The Goddess Facial



60+ minutes devoted to creating the foundation for your most beautiful, healthy complexion.  Your top priorities are my main concern.  Thorough cleansing and appropriate exfoliation are followed by correction (with extractions if necessary) and hydration plus soothing protection.  Your treatment also includes a blissful shoulder massage.  Afterward we will create a home care plan to maintain your glow until your next appointment.

Conditions we can address:

  • The appearance of fine lines/wrinkles                                               
  • Sun damage/discoloration                                               
  • Dull, dehydrated, flaky skin          
  • Oily, ruddy skin
  • Minor hormonal breakouts
GoddessGlow High Energy Facial



 45 minutes. Wake up your skin with this brilliant facial treatment utilizing ultrasonic technology to brighten, hydrate and firm.  Beautiful exfoliation with no redness or downtime.  Skin is thoroughly cleansed and treated with a custom-blended collagen/retinol mask which is introduced to the upper layers using ultrasonic energy.  A brightening, rejuvenating vitamin C masque is then applied followed by intensive hydrators and protective treatments.  This is an excellent pre-event treatment as there is no downtime.


The Acne Clearing Facial



45-50 minutes (60+ first appointment).  With one goal in mind:  correct and prevent acne preakouts.  Progressive treatments clear and calm the skin.  Careful exfoliation helps fresh, healthy skin emerge.  Over time, acne scars and discoloration can be improved.  Rigorous home care is required.  Please bring all of your home care products to your first appointment.  Clients on Accutane or other doctor-prescribed medications/treatments please call for a phone consultation before booking appointment.

Gentlemen's Facial



45-55 minutes take your grooming to the next level.  Men’s skin needs TLC, too.  Deep cleansing, targeted exfoliation, extractions if necessary and soothing protection will restore balance.  Shoulder massage included.  Home care coaching will keep good skin on track.





45-50 minutes, weekly, to give your teen the confidence to face the day.  No gimmicks, just simple, effective treatment to get skin clearer and more comfortable, and prevent future scaring.  Each treatment includes:

  • Thorough cleansing

  • Enzyme treatment

  • Extensive extractions

  • Soothing serum and sunscreen

I will offer a few HIGHLY RECOMMENDED select products to enhance the treatment but they ARE NOT REQUIRED. My request is that your teen use sunscreen and avoid drying out their skin, as this makes the extraction process more uncomfortable. I will be happy to review their home-care products, please bring them on the first appointment.  If prescription products are being used, please get your teen’s dermatologist’s approval before booking their first treatment.

Parent is present during treatment. This treatment is appropriate for young men and young women.

IMPORTANT:  By removing comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) BEFORE they become inflamed blemishes, healing time is greatly reduced, scaring is minimized, and clearer skin is the result! Skin starts clearing immediately, with best results at 8-12 weeks.Results vary by individual.

Please book online under parent’s name, and include your teen’s name and age in the message.  You may purchase a package of 4 treatments for $300 (save $5/treatment)


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