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Goddess Lynne BODY and SKIN | Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Appointment Changes and Cancellation

Your appointments are very important to glbs.  Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we respectfully request that you adhere to the following policies.  These policies provide us the opportunity to fill that appointment time and serve someone else.

Your appointment is scheduled for a specific date and time, and for the services you have requested.  glbs has a 24 hour cancellation policy Monday-Friday, and 48-hours Saturday and Sunday.

Any changes – either to time, date or treatments – within the 24 hour or 48 hour period, for any reason, will incur a 50% charge at your next appointment. Please understand that “reducing” your appointment is the same as a cancellation.


No Show

If you fail to show up for your appointment, you will be invoiced in full for that appointment.  The booking system sends an email the day before your appointment.  Please make sure you have entered your correct email address when booking so you receive this email.  Also, please note the appointment in your personal calendar, as glbs is not responsible for any email outage or failure on the part of Schedulicity to send the email reminder.


Late Arrivals

Please plan on arriving a few minutes before your appointment time to allow for parking. Late arrivals will be accommodated in the remaining time by shortening the treatment, and will be charged for the full scheduled appointment.

There is NO “grace period” for your arrival time.


Validated Parking/Traffic

Validated Parking is available in the Trader Joe’s parking structure, and in the parking structure on the west side of the street immediately to the south of Xtreme Pizza. We can validate your parking and the prices are as follows: up to 2 hours for $2.00, up to 3 hours for $3.50, up to 4 hours for $5.00 (prices subject to change by building management). Any time over 4 hours is at the posted rates. There are also parking meters directly across the street.  Please note that it can take a few minutes to get into the parking structure, find a space, and get across the street to my building.

Here on the west side traffic is a given. If you have any questions about anticipating high-traffic times in and around Westwood Village, we will be happy to assist you as much as possible. However, we are unable to extend your appointment time due to traffic problems.


Retail Sales

Homecare products purchased at glbs are professionally prescribed after a thorough consultation, and all sales are final.  California sales tax is charged on all retail sales.  Likewise, all gift items and gift certificates are final sale.


Children at GLBS

The studio at GLBS does not accommodate more than the esthetician and the client. There is a bench outside for anyone waiting. Please understand that there is no supervision outside, and that GLBS cannot be responsible for children brought to the studio. Please arrange for childcare.

Clients under 18 must have a parent sign their information form. Clients under 16 must be accompanied by a parent. Brazilian waxing is not available for clients under 18 years of age.  All treatments for clients under 18 are at the discretion of the esthetician.


Gift Certificates/Gift Cards/Promotional vouchers

These items are like cash and cannot be replaced for any reason. Thank you for understanding that we are unable to make any exception to this policy. If you give a gift certificate to someone please make sure they are aware of this. The paid dollar value of gift certificates does not expire, however, if it is for a seasonal treatment, or purchased at a discount, there may be a balance due if it is used past the stated period.  The gift certificate/voucher number must be noted in the online booking system when making an appointment.

Promotional (no money paid) gift certificates, including but not limited to charitable contributions made by GLBS, and referral program rewards, expire on the date listed on the certificate, and cannot be extended for any reason. Please make sure to book those appointments well in advance of the expiration date.

Policies updated 5/1/16